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Tips on keeping your smile healthy


Tooth brushing

Twice a day

The main of a good oral hygiene is toothbrushing. Every time it must takes at least 2 minutes. In addition, you also need to remove plaque between the teeth. No toothbrush can clean at this place. You can use dental floss, wooden tooth picks and interdental brushes. 



What about

Use a soft toothbrush and replace it every 3 months, or when the hairs widen. Also use a fluoride toothpaste . This makes the teeth stronger en less solvable.  


Food and drinks

Enamel is vulnerable

A lot of nutrients (acids) affect the teeth enamel. Usual no problem. However, the enamel needs a certain time to recover from the attack and saliva plays an important role in this. It has a protective effect as it neutralize the acid. Eating too often gives your teeth inadequate recovering. Max. of 3 mains and 4 snacks each day gives your teeth the opportunity for its recovery.  


First tooth?


If the first tooth shows up, immediately start to brush it. Use toothpaste that suits your childs age because of the amount of fluoride the tooth paste contains. 


More info

Contact your dentist if you require more info.