Dutch Dentist Dubai

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First appointment? Once you have scheduled an appointment at the clinic, you will be given an intake consultation. During this consultation we will get to know you (your wishes and expectations) and perform a full mouth dental examination. Based on this a treatment plan will be set up along with the budget which will be discussed. The following appointments can be scheduled if necessary.


Adult Check-up

Routine dental examination. Early detection and prevention is the key to prevent future treatments.


Children Check-up

Let children get in touch with the dentist at a young age can make the difference for the future. Step by step the treatment will be explained and aim a nice experience. 


Dental Fillings & Esthetics

Fillings are used to repair damage (caused by tooth decay, tooth wear and trauma) to the structure of a tooth with a tooth colored like material of composite.


Periodontal Treatment

Treatment of gum disease include tooth scaling and polishing followed by oral hygiene instruction.


Dental Emergency

Please do not hesitate to call us in case of an emergency.


Crown & Bridges

Crowns provide an aesthetic and protective solution to teeth that have undergone root canal therapy and that are extensively restored. They can be made of metal, metal fused to porcelain and zirconium. 


Root Canal Therapy

Removes infected pulp tissue. The root canal system will be cleaned, shaped, filled and finally sealed with a restoration, such as a composite resin filling or a crown. 

Please contact us for all treatments